5 Reasons to Keep Software Up to Date

5 Reasons to Keep Software Up to Date

April 20, 2017

Getting notifications and pop-ups reminding you to update your software is annoying. It always seems like there isn’t time to stop what you’re working on to take the 10 minutes it’s going to take for the update to complete and then you’ll probably have to restart your computer setting you back another couple minutes… who has time for all that? As annoying as software updates are, ignoring that they need to be done could end up causing you to spend more time, money and put you at risk from potential threats. Here are 5 reasons you should make it a priority to keep your computer software up to date:

Cyber criminals are relentless in trying to hack computer systems and an easy way accomplish this is to get in is through holes that software leaves open. That is why one of the main motivations to updating your system’s software is to be more secure. Updates correct software flaws and holes that create vulnerabilities for hackers to break in and steal information.

Time Saver (in the long run)
As time goes by and software starts to become outdated, signs and symptoms of issues and problems become more evident. Old versions will have glitches and will cause your computer run slower causing you to be less productive and more frustrated. Updated versions will not only be faster, but will come with improved functionality that will help you do your job more efficiently.

New versions of software are optimized for the user to have maximum use and performance. For example, Windows 10 greatly improved upon Windows 8; offering users a better experience that is more user friendly.

New Features and Functions
There is always room for improvements and advancements, especially with software. When new updates roll out, they usually come with improved workflows, enhanced user functionality, and new tools. Upgrading will allow you to take advantage of the new improvements and will enhance the way you work, making you more efficient and productive.

Reduces Costs
Think about all the time your team wastes waiting for your software to work as fast as they are. Annoying bugs and glitches in an old version that are causing you to be held up will likely be fixed with the update, speeding up your machine and giving you and everyone else more time to work on other things. This increase in time and productivity will affect the company’s bottom line in a positive manner, creating a money saver in the long run.

Sure, updates can become a nuisance; however, the benefits of keeping your software up to date far outway the time it takes to run the update. If you have questions or need help with your software or equipment, give the professionals at Essential Solutions a call for a FREE consultation!